Men’s Health Issues and Acupuncture

acupuncture for men's health issuesAcupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat common men’s health issues. Now more than ever people are becoming interested in this natural healing method.

3 Men’s Health Issues treated with acupuncture include depression, cardiovascular disease, and prostate health. Below is a little more insight about these major health problems and how acupuncture can help.

Men’s Health Issue #1: Depression

Depression is highly prevalent in today’s society. In the past, depression was thought to be more common in women, but statistics have shown that men tend to hide these feelings more than women do.

A depressed state will also negatively affect eating habits, energy levels, and sleep patterns.  Acupuncture can help to restore the body’s balance which can alleviate depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

Men’s Heath Issue #2: Cardiovascular Disease

quit smokingHeart attacks and strokes are not only the leading cause of death for men, but for the entire world. Evidence here. Take an active hand in improving your health by making changes to your diet and having acupuncture treatments.  Even the smallest lifestyle changes can increase prevention of cardiovascular disease and heart attack by over eighty percent. These changes can include eating a healthy diet, exercise, managing blood pressure, improving the quality of sleep, reducing stress, and quitting tobacco which can all be done with acupuncture techniques.

Reducing blood pressure can be extremely important for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. Certain points on the body are targeted by acupuncturists in order to stimulate the production of naturally occurring opioids which are chemicals that relax the activity of the heart. These points include the legs, forearms, and wrists.

Men’s Health Issue #3: Prostate Health

Older men, which include men in their sixties to their eighties, commonly may have an enlarged or inflamed prostate. Painful urination, difficult urination, frequent urination, urinary tract infections, bladder damage, kidney damage, incontinence, bladder stones, and prostate cancer are what can occur is the prostate is untreated. Acupuncture is recommended to help prevent and treat such problems.  Studies have shown that the combined use of acupuncture and oriental medicine has shown positive results for those with prostatitis.

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