Acupuncture for Sports Injuries

acupuncture for sports injuryStay Injury Free Don’t be derailed by a sports injury.

A New Year is dawning and everybody wants to start new healthy habits to improve their health and appearance.  No doubt, fitness clubs and gyms are packed at this time of the year with people fired up and rearing to get their healthy related new year’s resolutions started. Because of this excitement, some people, especially out of shape former athletes, end up injuring themselves because they do too much in too little time.

Here’s how acupuncture for a sports injury works:

Acupuncture for sports injuries1. Decrease pain and inflammation on the affected area

Studies have proven that acupuncture is beneficial for sports related injuries. Acupuncture is known to improve localized microcirculation on the affected area, which attracts white blood cells. This in turn improves healing time and reduces the swelling, bruising and the pain.

2. Prevention of further injury and improves athletic performance

According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture fortifies body function and restores the natural balance of the body.  Acupuncture is so effective that some professional athletes and sports teams ensure that they have an acupuncturist on staff, to aid in treating injuries and ensure their performance is at optimal level.

To achieve your resolutions for better health and fitness this New Year, take it down a notch and start realistically. You won’t achieve all your objectives in a day or week.  Allow your body to acclimate itself to do the new exercise routine you’ve embarked on.  You can make your workouts harder and more intensive over time.

Have you overdone it at the gym and injured something?  Call us. We will get you healthy and injury free!

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