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Dr. Laurie Binder is your Los Angeles Acupuncturist.  She provides Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and alternative health solutions.  Laurie specializes in fertility, pain management, overall balance and improving energy.  Take the time to explore this blog and the main website for patient testimonials, treatments offered, acupuncture information and check out our (fertility) patient baby gallery!


How To Find Los Angeles’ Best Acupuncturist

Los Angeles AcupuncturistSo, you’ve decided that it would be good for you to explore acupuncture. Excellent! That’s the first step toward availing yourself to the many benefits of this ancient practice, including stress reduction, relief from chronic pain and achieving a better, more stable mindset.

Now, since you’re going to do this, you naturally want to find the best Los Angeles acupuncturist. What should you look for?

Finding Your Acupuncturist

  • Before you schedule an your first acupuncture session, see if you can call the office and chat briefly with the acupuncturist. Don’t discount your personal, subjective feelings. Acupuncture works best when you’re calm and comfortable, so you conversation with the acupuncturist should generate these feelings in you.
  • If you have access to the acupuncturist’s website, read it fully and don’t just scan over it. Make sure that you don’t waste time in the phone conversation with questions that are already answered on the website. A good acupuncture website will give you an idea of acupuncture in general, the acupuncturist’s specialties and patient testimonials.
  • Ask any other questions like the availability of appointments, fees, how to make a new patient appointment, where to park and what kind of health information to disclose and what to wear to the first appointment.
  • If the acupuncturist has any client testimonials and reviews, it would be good to review them, just to see other people’s impressions.
  • Lastly, learn what you can about the acupuncturist’s methods. Not all acupuncturists practice the same way, so make sure you try to understand what approach to acupuncture you’re signing up for if you do follow through and make an appointment.

Los Angeles Acupuncturist Laurie Binder

In your search for a Los Angeles-area acupuncturist, we hope you will consider Laurie at Los Angeles Acupuncture And Wellness. Please check out her website to learn more about her practice.


make an appointmentWelcome!  From the moment you arrive at our acupuncture practice and to the time you leave, we are committed to providing you with the healing experience and personalized trusting partnership. We are looking forward to responding to your health and wellness needs and our mission is to empower you and to provide you with best healing experience.

Here’s how to prepare before your first visit:

  1. Fill out Forms. Fill out and sign all downloadable forms before arriving for your appointment. Bring all your new patient forms with you when you come in for your first visit.  Find these by clicking the “make an appointment” image above or go to the contact & appointments page.
  2. Call. Do not hesitate to discuss any questions you might have with us; call for a complimentary 1-10 minute phone consultation.
  3. Read patient testimonials. We have included patient testimonials on the website so you can read first-hand accounts from people who have been treated at our acupuncture practice.
  4. First visit. Please allow an hour and a half for your initial visit and 45 minutes to one hour for subsequent visits. Dr. Binder will evaluate your health concerns, conduct the treatment and provide you with the custom lifestyle and nutrition plan. We do not bill insurance but provide you with the super bill that can be submitted to your insurance company.
  5. Payment. The initial appointment requires a deposit paid online. Payments for services rendered, whether by credit card, check or cash, are collected at the time of the appointment.
  6. We accept out-of-town patients. We routinely welcome patients from across the country and around the world.

I’m happy to answer your questions as you embark on your journey to wellness.

Laurie Binder

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