How Chinese Herbal Remedies Work

american ginseng - Chinese Herbal RemediesChinese herbal remedies have been used for many years, long before the introduction of western medicine. Westerners have only recently learned of the amazing benefits these herbs contain. As Chinese herbal remedies grows in use and popularity, people are wondering how exactly they work. It is confusing to some individuals that a plant could offer healing. What they may not realize is that much of western medicine is derived from plant sources. The following explains how Chinese herbal remedies work in the human body.

Treating the Source

Much of western medicine treats the symptoms rather than the source of an illness or discomfort. Chinese herbal remedies target the source of the problem. For example, depleted blood causes problems with eyesight, sleep, and mood. Blood enriching herbs assist in fixing the deficiency thus eliminating the symptoms. Many issues are caused by fatigue, so specific herbs are taken to increase energy.  There are also herbs to treat specific symptoms related to things such as pain, colds and allergies. They are quite effective in this area. But for the most part, herbal medicine focuses on the causes of the disorder rather than particular symptoms.

Reciprocal Relationships

Herbs are used in combinations to boost effectiveness. They work together, promoting other. In essence, they help each other to increase usefulness. The proper mixture of herbs can have a powerful impact on the body. The use of a single herb in treatment is rare. There are a number of excellent formulas available on the market today to treat virtually any element.

3 Basic Functions of Chinese Herbal Medicine

  1. Supplement – These are used to correct any deficiencies in the body.
  2. Cleansing – These are used to clear toxins and harmful substances from of the body.
  3. Balance – These are used to bring organ systems into balance.

In the past, most western physicians have overlooked or simply denied the benefits of herbal remedies. However, they are now beginning to understand the role of herbs in treating illness. You do not have to choose between western medicine and herbal remedies. They often work very well together.

Acupuncture in the News: Success Stories

A needle here, a needle there; a doubt defeated, an ache relieved. Skeptics continue to have their suspicions blown out of the water as more and more reports emerge of acupuncture’s effectiveness. Here are a few of those stories making headlines in recent months.

Acupuncture alleviates the side effects of cancer treatments

After undergoing chemo and radiation for her tongue cancer, Beth Dowhen turned to acupuncture to combat the side effects—reluctantly, at first.  She reported feeling better right away with the first treatment

To combat the dry mouth that accompanies radiation, a needle in Dowhen’s chin did the trick.  Her acupuncturist also helped her relieve a months-long sore throat, reduce stress, and induce relaxation.

Acupuncture improves quality of life for furry companion

12-year-old pug named Keeohnee found relief through acupunctureThat’s right—a 12-year-old pug named Keeohnee found relief through acupuncture. After losing feeling and movement in his hind legs, Keeohnee’s owner Miranda Ratzlaff was determined to do whatever she could to make life easier for her “fur baby,” who was developing chronic bladder infections due to being unable to move to empty his bladder.

Dr. Mark Ekerberg, a veterinarian who practices alternative therapies in addition to traditional veterinary medicine, proposed an avant-garde method to help the Wichita pug. “It seems crazy,” Ekerberg concedes. “I’m sticking a needle in their back saying that I’m going to make their kidney function better. When I first heard that I thought it was ridiculous.” After focusing on points that correspond with the bladder, bowels, and kidneys, Keeohnee’s condition began to improve. They paired the acupuncture with underwater treadmill sessions and soon witnessed the pug transform “from a completely stationary dog to a dog that’s interacting with his entire family,” Ratzlaff rejoiced.

Acupuncture boosts fertility

pregnant womanA study scheduled for publication in June in the Reproductive BioMedicine Online Journal examined the effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) on live birth rates for women undergoing IVF.

Women who utilized Traditional Chinese Medicine, the study found, had almost double the live birth rate compared to those who had IVF alone.

Curious as to how acupuncture might improve your own quality of life or fertility efforts? Contact Laurie and she’ll walk you through the promising options available at Los Angeles Acupuncture and Wellness.

The Benefits Of A Fertility Diet Combined With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and can improve fertility by restoring balance. However, if you continue to eat foods that expose you to toxins and promote inflammation, the benefits of acupuncture are reduced over time. Thus, embracing a “ fertility diet ” maximizes the benefits of acupuncture for fertility.

fertility dietAcupuncture works to improve uterine lining.  This increases blood flow to the uterus.  It also helps regulate hormones and reduce stress. TCM treatments and therapies restore the free flow of energy throughout the body and organs. In contrast, Qi stagnation can cause imbalances which can negatively impact health and fertility.

Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment

Kidney stagnation is a common diagnosis in patients presenting with unexplained infertility.  The kidney system is essential in reproductive processes according to TCM. A fertility diet consistent with TCM principles help restore balance to the reproductive system. For example, eating proteins, such as chicken, duck, eggs, seeds or nuts improve the free flow of energy to the kidney.

healthy dietAnother consideration in terms of restoring balance is reducing toxins in the body that cause inflammation. Inflammation can lead to reduced fertility. By eliminating major sources of inflammation in the body, acupuncture and a fertility diet can improve one’s fertility. One way to rid the body of toxins is striving to eat organically and avoiding processed foods and refined and excessive sugar. Acupuncture can also help rid the body of toxins by improving circulation, digestion and elimination.

Fertility Diet

The appropriate intake of carbohydrates and protein are also important in a fertility diet. Too many carbohydrates raise blood sugar, which may affect your hormone balance. Too much protein hinders digestion and thus can cause a build-up of toxins in the body. Eating whole green foods is also important for restoring balance in the body. They contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that improve, repair and protect your cellular metabolism.

Another part of a fertility diet is minimizing sugar consumption, which is a factor in PCOS symptoms. Limiting processed foods is one way to control your sugar intake. If you eat whole foods that are organic you will have less issues with hormone imbalances that cause infertility.

fertilityAcupuncture has proven to be effective in improving the success rates of fertility treatments.  Acupuncture combined with a fertility diet has also had dramatic success in controlling the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a major cause of infertility in women.  Combining both elements of TCM and a change in diet improves the regularity of menstrual cycles, which can also help women ovulate more consistently.

Depending on your system and where the free flow of your energy is blocked in your body, certain foods can help improve your fertility. A qualified TCM fertility expert can provide a tailored fertility diet.  Working with an acupuncturist will also improve the functioning of the body in general.

Contact us if you would like to learn more ways acupuncture and a fertility diet can improve your fertility quotient.

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Acupuncture During Pregnancy: A Drug-free Headache Treatment

drug free headache treatmentAvoiding pain medication during pregnancy is important because of the potential risk many drugs pose to a growing fetus. Women who suffer from frequent headaches, even when not pregnant, may discover this is a serious concern once they are pregnant and choose to explore a drug free headache treatment option.

The exhaustion, hormonal changes and stress related to every pregnancy can increase the frequency and severity of headaches. The result is often an inability to sleep properly, a reduced appetite and an increase in nausea.

Drug Free Headache Relief

Luckily there are drug-free options that have enabled many women to find relief. Research studies have repeatedly proven that acupuncture is an effective method of reducing or eliminating pain. Having acupuncture during pregnancy is a safe alternative treatment that has worked for many mothers-to-be.

acupuncture for pregnancyAcupuncture assists with relieving pain by encouraging the release of beneficial chemicals in the body. It improves circulation and blocks pain signals, providing the same analgesic affect as many OTC pain medications.

Another benefit is that it is also very relaxing and helps to relieve stress. This factor alone often helps to relieve headaches. Even better, studies have shown that acupuncture helps alleviate back pain, morning sickness and constipation among many other common pregnancy complaints. Those who struggle with morning sickness, depression, stress, lower back pain can find relief. Not every woman will find this solution as the answer to all of their pregnancy complaints, but most discover it helps them feel better and reduce the amount of medication they need to take.

Every woman wants to make the most of this special time in their life. When headaches are preventing that, finding help is a necessity.   To find out more about the benefits of acupuncture headache treatment, contact Dr. Laurie Binder for additional information. Read some patient testimonials here

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Using Acupuncture To Treat PCOS Infertility

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) affects ten percent of women in their reproductive years. It is a metabolic disorder that is associated with a majority of infertile women. However, there is evidence that acupuncture for PCOS can increase fertility.

What is PCOS?

PCOS disrupts ovulation by creating a large number of immature follicles in the ovary each month. It also disrupts menstruation; many women will go without a period for a number of months and then have a heavy period.

PCOS is a disorder that affects the endocrine system. An overabundance of androgens, such as testosterone, causes a hormonal imbalance which in turn can cause increased body hair and acne. Women with PCOS are often overweight. Because PCOS affects the metabolism of a women, they tend to be insulin resistant.

Women who have PCOS have issues with egg quality. Thus treatments such as IVF are not always successful because embryos aren’t always viable.

How can Acupuncture Treat PCOS Infertility?

pros infertility acupuncture babyAcupuncture treats many of the symptoms of PCOS and infertility. Acupuncture stimulates the hyperthalamic-pituitary-adrenal system which regulates FSH, LH, and androgens, which then improves egg quality. It also improves blood flow to the ovaries which helps reduce cysts and aids in regular ovulation. Acupuncture also helps the body control blood glucose levels and combat insulin resistance.

One theory about how acupuncture treats the various symptoms of PCOS is that it can reduce elevated levels of the neurohormone β-endorphin, which then affects a women’s metabolism negatively. Another hypothesis is that because the PCOS ovaries have more sympathetic nerve endings which then increase androgens, acupuncture can directly decrease the heightened stimulation of these nerve endings.

Although not all the mechanisms of how acupuncture treats PCOS is known, there is much evidence that it can successfully control PCOS symptoms and enhance infertility.

Contact us for more information on how acupuncture can help treat PCOS infertility.

Supporting IVF Success with Acupuncture

“While most fertility specialists won’t treat patients unless they’ve tried unsuccessfully to conceive for six months to a year,” Jamie Starkey, LAc, explains, “a woman can start seeing an acupuncturist long before she hopes to get pregnant — especially if she has any fertility concerns.” At Los Angeles Acupuncture and Wellness, we specialize in such concerns.

Acupuncture for IVF success studies

Acupuncture isn’t just for pain and stress relief; data suggests it can indeed be a fertility champion, too. For example, researchers at the University of Witten/Herdecke in Dortmund, Germany conducted a study of 225 women attempting to conceive. Patients who combined acupuncture with traditional fertility treatments had a pregnancy rate of 28.4 percent, compared to 13.8 percent among those who did not supplement their conventional treatment.

At the University of Maryland, researchers concluded that for patients undergoing IVF at clinics that have otherwise low success rates, acupuncture indeed increased pregnancy rates. Their analysis, which included 4,021 subjects, revealed that the practice increased pregnancy rates in clinics with an IVF success rate below 32%.

Yet another study published in Fertility and Sterility in 2002 concluded that acupuncture appears to be a useful tool for improving pregnancy rates after assisted reproduction therapy.

Why might acupuncture help you conceive a baby? Acupuncture is believed to stimulate neurotransmitters that produce the hormones controlling menstrual cycles and ovulation. The treatment may also help fertility by increasing blood flow to the uterus, helping the body relax and de-stress, and reducing side effects from IVF medication.

PCOS Acupuncture fertility Los Angeles

fertility acupuncture patient babiesEnough with the technical talk. Have you see our baby gallery? Browse through the adorable cherubs we’ve been able to help bring into this world, and read what their families had to say about their experience at Los Angeles Acupuncture and Wellness. Not only is Dr. Laurie Binder a Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Acupuncture, she’s also a registered nurse certified nurse practitioner, a Lamaze certified childbirth educator, and a certified health consultant. Needless to say, you’ll be in good hands. If you’re ready to explore your fertility and wellness options, contact us for an appointment.
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Acupuncture for PCOS: How This Natural Treatment Can Help

Try Acupuncture for Increased Fertility

pregnant womanToo often the human body is viewed as a many separate parts that work in concert because they are in proximity of each other, yet are not really connected. However, a holistic approach to health, where all the systems are connected, is a more effective one. When that concept is accepted, trying acupuncture for fertility is an obvious solution for people who have exhausted the majority of the conventional options.

Scientifically speaking, infertility, along with other medical conditions, largely comes from the body being out of balance. The main goal of acupuncture is to put the body back in balance, so the body is able to conceive and carry a pregnancy. Balancing the body with acupuncture has been scientifically proven and effective. This ancient and established medical system has a magnificent effect on fertility.

A study of 225 women was conducted at the University of Witten, in Germany. These women volunteered to be study subjects because they had difficulty conceiving. The study divided them into two groups. The first group of women were given conventional fertility treatments. The second group of women were given these identical treatments, with acupuncture as an adjunct therapy.

At the conclusion of the study, 13.8% of women in the first group became pregnant. The women in the second group, the women who took a holistic approach to fertility via acupuncture, had a pregnancy rate of 28.4%, which is more than twice as much as the control group.

fertility acupunctureDr. Laurie Binder’s success rate is much higher than this. Check out her patient testimonials and baby gallery pages. Acupuncture could be the missing link in your fertility plan. Likewise, it could be a service that helps you become a healthier and happier, and more balanced person. Contact us to find out more information about this potentially life-changing therapy.

Acupuncture for PCOS

PCOS, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, is one of the leading causes of infertility in women. Those with the syndrome do not ovulate on a normal cycle, which has a number of effects on the body. Aside from infertility, the condition can also cause a number of other health issues , including:

  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Acne
  • Weight gain
  • High blood pressure
  • Ovarian cysts

However, there is hope for those who suffer from PCOS.

Traditional medicines can be used to treat some of the symptoms and effects of PCOS. However, like any medicines, these can come along with unwanted side effects such as fatigue or nausea. A more natural and effective way to treat PCOS is available – acupuncture.

PCOS infertility acupuncture baby

PCOS infertility acupuncture patient and her baby

A variety of studies have shown that acupuncture is successful in treating PCOS. Acupuncture involves using needles to stimulate different parts of the body. In the case of PCOS, this stimulation can be used to send signals to the brain to slow the release of male hormones into the body. Less male hormones means your body will have an easier time getting back into a normal menstrual cycle.

One study published by the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism tested 32 women with the condition to see if acupuncture actually helped. The study showed that those who received acupuncture treatments had more success in improving their menstrual cycle than those that didn’t.

If you are affected by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and want a treatment with few side effects and generally great results, acupuncture may be just what you’re looking for. Contact us today if you are affected by PCOS and want to learn more about how acupuncture can improve your life.

Acupressure For Fertility and Childbirth DVDs: a Must Have Part of Your Pregnancy Plan

pregnant womanIf you are currently pregnant or hoping to be sometime in the near future, horror stories of labor pain have probably popped into your head at least once. We’ve all heard them recanted by those who’ve experienced less than serene labors and deliveries. While the joy of expecting your precious little one ultimately triumphs over any concern you may have about the pain of childbirth, many are fearful of this natural process, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

Whether you were able to conceive easily or you consider yours to be a miracle pregnancy, you want things to go well, without complications and with as little stress and discomfort as possible. Where, though, can you find the answers you need when there are such conflicting opinions about which options are best, safest, most natural or available to you? You need information you can trust, from a source who has both the credentials and experience to ease your mind, spirit and body. Your baby is too precious to trust to just anyone and often conventional wisdom asks you to do that very thing.

I’m Dr. Laurie Binder LAc, RNCNP, LCCE, and Doctor of Acupuncture. I have put together two informational video resources to help expectant mothers and their birth partners understand the natural options for augmenting and enhancing both the pregnancy and the childbirth process.

Acupressure for Childbirth

Acupressure and Breathing for Childbirth DVDMy Acupressure and Breathing for Childbirth DVD is a comprehensive compilation of the natural options available to those mothers hoping for a calm, relaxed, totally natural pregnancy and childbirth experience. Though the DVD’s aim is for a natural process, it supports conventional methods as well.

Using my experience as a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Class Educator, my Acupressure For Fertility and Childbirth DVDs will guide you through the entire pregnancy and childbirth experience. Whether your birth plan is geared toward a completely natural birth or more of a conventional labor and delivery, this comprehensive DVD will teach you the specific acupressure points and organized breathing techniques to make your birthing experience one that you and your birth partner will want to remember.

Acupressure for Fertility

fertilityIn case you are in the process of trying to conceive, my comprehensive Acupressure For Fertility and Childbirth DVDs also explains the numerous factors that play a vital role in increasing a woman’s fertility including:
• acu-point location and stimulation
• diet and lifestyle modifications for boosting fertility
• identification of optimal fertile times
• relaxation and breathing techniques to reduce stress and enhance fertility

Sample Testimonial – more here
“I started seeing Laurie in Dec. 2011 to help with my fertility. After only two treatments of acupuncture and in-depth counseling in changing my diet, it worked!”
Love & Blessings,
AB, North Hollywood
Acupressure for Fertility
Pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes which can be looked forward to with joy and anticipation rather than with anxiety and fear; however, information is key. From maintaining a healthy pregnancy to increasing labor and delivery comfort levels and so much more, the Acupressure For Fertility and Acupressure and Breathing for Childbirth DVDs provides expectant mothers the techniques and information necessary to augment whatever plan they choose and bring their pregnancy to fruition with the best possible outcome and experience.

Go To the site to buy or download them now!

For more information about what traditional Chinese medicine can offer you in your quest for parenthood and a natural delivery, contact me for a consultation.

Acupuncture For Fertility: A Non-Invasive Option.

pregnant womanMany people who have had to see a traditional fertility specialist will tell you that they have been through extreme stress when it comes to expensive, invasive treatments, embarrassing tests and the required revealing of personal information. Struggling to have a baby is a difficult situation for any couple, and the desire to have a baby is often so strong that couples agree to do just about anything to increase their chances of conceiving.

Advantages of Fertility Acupuncture

One great option that is overlooked to often is acupuncture for fertility. Acupuncture is non-invasive.  It can increase the blood flow to the uterus as well as balance the endocrine system and reduce overall stress. It is a wonderful option for couples who are hesitant to pursue more invasive and expensive medical options.

fertilityAcupuncture is so successful in helping to treat infertility that more and more infertility clinics are recommending acupuncture to their patients. It can be used before options like IVF are considered, or it can be used in conjunction with IVF treatments.

Conceive Naturally with Acupuncture

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune, “Acupuncturist: Ancient Technique Can Treat Many Conditions,” by the Tribune Content Agency highlights a Chicago area acupuncturist and the amazing success of acupuncture treatment as a whole. One of the amazing examples of acupuncture success in the article was,

“A woman who’d been given a 1 percent chance of natural conception was able to conceive within a month of starting treatment.”

Increasingly, couples are realizing that acupuncture is a great starting point when beginning to consider how to treat unexplained infertility. The rising popularity of acupuncture treatment for infertility all over the country has been due to the word of mouth referrals that quickly spread.

Here at Los Angeles Acupuncture and Wellness I’ve seen many new patients come through my door, because they have been referred by past patients and heard the wonderful news that acupuncture has helped them to conceive. My website has testimonials from many happy new moms, like this beautiful excerpt from a letter I received from Sandy after her long awaited daughter joined their family.

“Dear Laurie, I can’t believe this is happening. I feel like I am in a dream! Thanks, Laurie for helping Reyna into this world! Hope to see you after the holidays!”

fertility acupuncture patient babiesRead the testimonials for yourself, and let them inspire you to rekindle the hope you have for adding a child to your family. Acupuncture is natural and safe, and it has been used successfully for thousands of years. I would love to help you begin the journey to a happy, healthy pregnancy. You could be the next success story on my testimonial page.

Please contact me to find out more about how acupuncture could benefit you. Whether it is to help treat fertility issues, pain, headaches or just improve your overall health and wellness, I would love to partner with you in your journey.

Acupuncture for Infertility – Effective Treatment

acupuncture for infertilityWhen you and your partner have decided it’s time to have a child, it’s difficult to wait. It’s even more difficult to hear that you can’t conceive naturally, and it can be disheartening to many couples when their doctor recommends fertility treatments. The first thing that pops into most people’s heads when thinking about fertility treatment is that they’re costly and also come along with health risks that some may deem too steep. However, when you’re faced with either fertility treatments or not getting the child you’ve dreamed of, it’s difficult to weigh the pros and cons. Thankfully, there is a safer alternative that won’t break the bank, and it’s useful in treatment of both men and women.

The use of acupuncture for fertility has been proven to be very effective. Acupuncture, briefly defined, is the ancient Chinese practice of inserting long, ultra-thin, sterile needles into specific acupuncture points on your body. When needled, these points can regulate the way your body functions. When performed by a trained professional, acupuncture is considered to be of little risk to the patient – and the benefits are substantial.

Acupuncture for Infertility – How It Works and Studies

According to the American Pregnancy Association, acupuncture has been proven quite effective in the treatment of infertility, for a number of reasons. Acupuncture can be useful in the treatment of health problems like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, which affect fertility. It is also quite useful in reducing stress, which is often a key factor in fertility for both men and women. It even goes as far as to help treat spasmed tubes, and it has been shown to improve ovarian and follicular function, improving the likeliness of a woman who’s suffered from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or endometriosis’ chances of conception. One study, conducted by Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture in 2007, showed that there is a direct correlation between acupuncture and higher pregnancy rates; on average, acupuncture combined with fertility treatment has increased conception rates by a staggering 26%.

Western Medical Infertility Treatments vs. Acupuncture

acupuncture for pregnancyWhen a woman undergoes fertility treatments in the United States, IVF can produce a 23-32 percent pregnancy rate. However, the medications also commonly cause side effects such as abdominal tenderness, bloating, fluid retention, weight gain, nausea, and some even believe there is a link to increase odds of breast cancer.

By contrast, acupuncture treatment for infertility has no side effects, while performing the same function as drugs do: stimulating the hypothalamus to effectively balance the endocrine system and its hormones and get to the root cause of infertility in women, as well as in men.  Laurie’s patients have average a 70% success rate in getting pregnant, with or without western treatments and medications.

There’s also a rather large difference in the cost of acupuncture versus the cost of fertility treatments; medications for fertility treatment are between $3,000 dollars and $8,000 dollars on average. Acupuncture is less costly by a landslide, with the initial consultation being between $100 and $300 dollars on average, and each visit afterwards costing as little as $75 to $150 per session.

Acupuncture Can Work With Or Without Western Medical Infertility Treatment

baby and mommyIf you or a loved one is having trouble trying to conceive, but you want to avoid the high costs and risks of fertility treatments, or you want to seek natural alternatives first or alongside your current fertility treatments, contact us to discuss acupuncture for infertility therapy.

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Our patient baby wall from the office

Los Angeles Acupuncturist Discussing Acupuncture for Fertility

fertilityFor centuries, acupuncture has been used to manage and cure a variety of ailments from back pain to asthma. Recently, couples have been turning to acupuncture to help with fertility issues – and it’s working.

In reality, acupuncturists have used the ancient technique to treat infertility for ages. The practice includes inserting tiny needles into the skin in areas of the body that are considered energy points. These energy points are believed to be connected to vital physical and emotional stimulation areas.

Fertility Acupuncture Works

acupuncture for pregnancyAcupuncture for fertility is no exception, practitioners believe that by allowing the body to function in a more balanced way, fertility should, can and does result. In a study published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility in 2002, German researchers found that using acupuncture in conjunction with IVF treatment protocols did in fact increase fertility among 80 women tested.

Besides being used in conjunction with IVF, practitioners say acupuncture can stimulate egg production. Since many women are resolved to try IVF because of health risks or risks of multiple pregnancy, many feel acupuncture as a viable safe solution to infertility.

How Acupuncture for Fertility Works

Practitioners state that clearing the body of impurity through a healthy diet, exercise, and regular acupuncture treatment can help couples conceive. This is due to the fact that acupuncture moves an individual’s Qi where it is most needed. The Qi (pronounced chee) is an individual’s life force and manipulating one’s Qi to different areas of the body can promote healing, pain relief, and maintain body-mind balance.

babyPractitioners believe when the life force of a woman is stimulated, she is able to “accept the creation of new life.” Basic fertility acupuncture treatments focus on energy points linked to reproductive organs of the body. Acupuncture treatment focuses on moving areas of abundant Qi to areas that may be deficient. It is recommended that a woman undergo treatment a few times a week for several months in order to reap the full benefit of conception promoting acupuncture.

baby photos

Our patient baby wall from the office

To find out more about how acupuncture may help promote your fertility, I invite you to contact me at

Los Angeles Acupuncture and Wellness

Fertility Patient Baby and Infertility Success Stories

Happy Belated Halloween!
fertility patient baby
See more babies made with Laurie’s acupuncture fertility treatments here

Inconceivable; Three Infertility Success Stories Aided By Acupuncture

Mаny pеoplе аrе dubious аbout аcupuncturе, for obvious rеаsons. Howеvеr, studiеs conductеd ovеr sеvеrаl yеаrs аrе coming into fruition аnd nеw еvidеncе supports thе bеnеfits of аcupuncturе. You don’t hаvе to turn to sciеntific rеports for аll thе аnswеrs though, mаny storiеs of pеoplе’s succеss with аcupuncturе cаn bе found right on thе world widе wеb. In this аrticlе wе will highlight thrее storiеs of womеn’s triumph аgаinst infеrtility аnd how аcupuncturе аidеd thеm on thеir wаy to mothеrhood.

Lеаnnе аnd Iаn Mеnniе

“Wе hаd bееn trying for а bаby for just undеr а yеаr whеn wе contаctеd аn аcupuncturе spеciаlist. Wе wеrе gеtting а littlе аnxious аs I hаd bееn prеviously diаgnosеd with Polycystic Ovаry Syndromе аnd my husbаnd with а low spеrm count so wе wеrе undеr no illusions thаt wе mаy hаvе а strugglе аhеаd of us. Аftеr rеsеаrching how аcupuncturе could improvе fеrtility, I lookеd аround locаlly аnd found thе clinic. Wе immеdiаtеly mаdе аn аppointmеnt with thе brilliаnt stаff аt Nаturаl Fеrtility Еxpеrt to discuss thе options thаt wеrе opеn to us. Oncе wе’d hаd our initiаl consultаtion, thе tеаm dеvisеd а progrаmmе comprising both hеrbаl mеdicinе & rеgulаr аcupuncturе аlong with diеtаry аnd lifеstylе chаngеs to suit our fеrtility difficultiеs.”

“I’m dеlightеd to sаy thаt within just 6 months of trеаtmеnt I wаs prеgnаnt! Wе mаdе а conscious dеcision to continuе hаving trеаtmеnt throughout my prеgnаncy to еnsurе gеnеrаl wеllbеing – just knowing I hаd а sеssion of аcupuncturе bookеd or hеrbs to tаkе gаvе us pеаcе of mind pаrticulаrly in thе еаrly months.

“I gаvе birth to а bеаutiful, hеаlthy littlе girl in Sеptеmbеr аftеr hаving а drеаm prеgnаncy аnd tеxt book birth – both of which wе аttributе lаrgеly to thе progrаmmе dеvisеd for us.”

Mеl Pinfold

“I lookеd into аcupuncturе to trеаt infеrtility аftеr bеing rеcommеndеd by а friеnd. I bеgаn а rеgimе аnd did еvеrything thе tеаm told mе to аnd I hаvе hаd to stop thе progrаmmе аs I аm prеgnаnt!!

“Thе spеciаlists gаvе mе furthеr аdvicе аnd support for thе first 12 wееks of my prеgnаncy to hеlp prеvеnt miscаrriаgе, аnd I аm now 26 wееks gonе аnd looking forwаrd to my first bаby аt thе stаrt of Novеmbеr.

“I gеnuinеly bеliеvе thаt without thе intеrvеntion of аcupuncturе this would nеvеr hаvе hаppеnеd.”

Christеllе Frаyssе аnd Olivеr Jаuffrit

“Аftеr trying to concеivе for а fеw yеаrs on thе NHS (wе did mаny tеsts to idеntify thе cаusе of our infеrtility – from bаsic procеdurеs such аs sеmеn аnаlysis, blood tеsts аnd ultrаsounds to morе invаsivе onеs such аs а lаpаroscopy – аnd а finаl coursе of Clomid thаt rеsultеd in а miscаrriаgе), wе wеrе finаlly told by our gynеcologist thаt thеrе wаs nothing еlsе thаt could bе donе for us; though thе fаct thаt wе could not concеivе succеssfully rеmаinеd unеxplаinеd.”

“Thе options аvаilаblе to us wеrе to go for IVF privаtеly or tаkе а diffеrеnt аpproаch. In rеsеаrching for аltеrnаtivе fеrtility trеаtmеnts, wе cаmе аcross аcupuncturе аnd dеcidеd to givе it а try.

“During our first consultаtion, our consultаnt wаs vеry dеtаilеd аnd thorough in rеviеwing our lifеstylе, diеt, hеаlth history, currеnt hеаlth аnd stаtе of mind; hе аlso lookеd аt thе rеsults of thе tеsts wе hаd donе prеviously аnd concludеd thаt thе trеаtmеnt should focus on mе. Hе suggеstеd а mix of аcupuncturе аnd hеrbs. Within а fеw wееks of trеаtmеnt, I fеll prеgnаnt. Our consultаnt followеd mе throughout my prеgnаncy, mаking surе thаt my body wаs in optimаl condition. Hе hеlpеd mе аllеviаtе somе of thе niggling symptoms of prеgnаncy such аs morning sicknеss, hеаrtburn аnd а tеrriblе flаrе up of еczеmа.”

“I finаlly gаvе birth to а vеry hеаlthy аnd wondеrful littlе girl. I аskеd our consultаnt tеаm to hеlp mе with my post-nаtаl rеcovеry to еnsurе thаt I wаs аgаin in good hеаlth to nursе my bаby. Thеy providеd mе with а coursе of hеrbs to hеlp my body rеplеnish itsеlf. I аm grаtеful for еvеrything аcupuncturе hаs donе for us аnd for giving us thе grеаtеst gift wе could еvеr hаvе hopеd for, our own littlе bundlе of joy. ”

You don’t hаvе to dеаl with infеrtility аlonе, аnd you don’t hаvе to lеt it dеfinе your lifе. Though these patients aren’t ours, their stories speak volumes for the efficiency of acupuncture for treating infertility. More success stories can be read here. If you fееl inspirеd by thеsе tеstimoniеs аnd wаnt to еxpеriеncе thе bеnеfits of аcupuncturе for yoursеlf, wе wеlcomе you to visit us аt our wеbsitе.