Heart Smile Mediation

Heart Smile Mediation Practice

meditiationThis a very useful technique that can be practiced at any time. It can be used to promote healing and it is especially useful whenever you find yourself in challenging situation. I find this technique helps me get through challenging situations with a smile instead of reacting in a negative way. Great for relieving stress and anxiety!

Find a quiet place to practice and begin the steps below:

1) Close your eyes and visualize a welcome face smiling down upon you.

2) Visualize the feelings of Joy and Love as a ray of light from the smiling face into your forehead.

3) The ray of Joy and Love descends from your head and infuses your chest area, especially the heart.

4) After the heart and chest are filled with the feelings of Joy and Love, let the feeling spread throughout the rest of your being.

5) Bask in the feelings of Joy and Love for as long as you can.

Once you become proficient at this technique, the general principle of bringing the feelings of joy and love to your heart can be used as way to navigate the stressful situations that otherwise cause you to react in a negative way. This technique can and should be used in conjunction with diaphragmatic breathing.