Acupuncture for Increased Energy: Treat Insomnia and Stress Naturally and Safely

neck painMore and more Americans are suffering from a lack of energy due to stress. Increasingly longer workdays thanks to technology, chronic conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and insomnia. If you’re sick of feeling tired all the time and don’t want to fuel your body with toxic stimulants, sugary drinks, it’s time to try acupuncture for increased energy. Acupuncture works to restore the body’s natural energy flow, called Qi or “Chi,” which becomes blocked when the body is faced with a high level of stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Most people tend to hold their stress in their necks, shoulders, and upper back, and acupuncture can relieve these pains.

insomniaAcupuncture for Insomnia

It might seem counter-intuitive to talk about insomnia along with increased energy. However, low energy is not the same as sleepiness, and often energy slumps are the effect of insomnia or otherwise restless nights of sleep. People who suffer from insomnia experience one or more sleepless nights a week, and this lack of sleep will have damaging effects on your entire body over time. Many people try to mask their daily fatigue with drinks and supplements that are loaded with caffeine and sugar, only to end up wide awake during the night. This vicious cycle continues and gradually erodes the body’s natural energy supply, leaving the sufferer physically and mentally exhausted.


energyAcupuncture restores your body’s natural balance of energy, and many proponents feel relaxed immediately after and are able to sleep better, resulting in higher energy levels the next day. Beyond restoring your body’s energy levels, Dr. Binder will help you get to the root of your insomnia so that you can not only feel better immediately after your acupuncture treatments, you will be able to get back to a healthy, normal sleep routine.

acupuncture for stressAcupuncture for Stress

Stress is a common source of energy depletion for many Americans, and while some natural stress is normal, and even healthy, for humans, prolonged stress can wreak havoc on your body, particularly your energy levels. The body releases the hormone cortisol to combat stress, which is helpful in a natural “Fight or Flight” scenario (think about our ancestors who had to be alert and ready to deal with very physical dangers). Your body releases cortisol as a temporary way to help you cope with stress until the stressor is gone.

Today’s stressors are fortunately not as threatening, however they are longer lasting. Many Americans are stressed at work all day long, meaning they have constantly elevated cortisol levels. This excess of cortisol can have damaging effects on your overall health, including a depletion in energy levels.

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It’s time for you to stop dealing with low energy and start sleeping better and feeling better mentally and physically. Acupuncture is a healthy and safe way to get your energy and your life back. To make an appointment or for answers to any questions, please contact us.

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Could Acupuncture Be The Answer To Your Insomnia?

acupuncture for insomniaFor someone looking to relieve their insomnia, the idea of using acupuncture may not come to mind. However, employing traditional Chinese medicine is an excellent option to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Often acupuncture is a last ditch effort, preceded by anything from EEG Neurofeedback to honey-infused tea to pricey ‘smart’ medications. While some may experience these techniques with varying degrees of success, many people report consistent results from one treatment in particular – acupuncture for insomnia. Sometimes the treatments are combined with Chinese herbs for longer lasting results.

Chris Kresser, author of the book ‘The Paleo Cure,’ wrote that many people dismiss acupuncture as it has gathered an undeserving reputation for being a superstitious, snakeoil-esque practice with no solid scientific backing. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Acupuncture is not only backed by thousands of years of ancient Chinese medicine, but it also has numerous valid clinical studies backing up its claims of bringing relief to those suffering from insomnia.

Studies: Acupuncture for Insomnia Works

A report released in 2004 stated that acupuncture had been found to increase the production of melatonin and improve sleep time in patients suffering from varying levels of anxiety and depression. Patients undergoing acupuncture treatment were also shown to fall asleep faster, acquire more restful sleep, and were less stressed overall in their day to day activities. The study concluded with the researchers reporting that,

“Acupuncture treatment may be of value for some categories of anxious patients with insomnia.”

A similar study found that acupuncture greatly benefited patients with HIV, among whom restless sleep and sleep disorders are quite common. The study found that after five weeks of individualized sessions of acupuncture, the patient’s sleep quality and time were both dramatically improved.

insomnia acupunctureAdditionally, multiple other studies have shown that acupuncture is highly effective for those suffering just from insomnia and without additional medical problems. In 1999, one particular study found that chronic pain relief was another benefit of acupuncture, further extending acupuncture’s case as being a viable method for insomnia treatment.

So, are you wondering how you can start down the path to a restful night’s sleep? First, you must find a qualified acupuncturist. Lastly, give the attempt an honest effort. Try at least three appointments before deciding if it is working for you or not. Everyone’s experience will vary; sometimes the benefits are drastic and immediate, and other times it may take a few visits before you start to feel the effects.

Acupuncture may not be for everyone, but it could very well be the solution you’ve been waiting for to help address your insomnia. If you would like to know more about this issue, or other issues that acupuncture can treat, I welcome you to visit my website. Additionally, if you would like to ask a question directly, you can contact me through the link at the top of the page. I would welcome a conversation.

Dr. Laurie Binder, LAc RNCNP