5 Tips to Burn That Stubborn Fat from Los Angeles Personal Training

5 Tips to Beat That Stubborn Fat

fall-runningYou’ve been working out, eating healthy, and results have been showing. That is, they were showing when you started your exercise routine, but now you are hardly making any progress at all it seems. This is an obstacle that every one reaches at some point in their fitness endeavors to lose weight or gain muscle. Below are five tips to keep in mind for when you run into this problem or if you already have hit this plateau.

1) Start the Day with Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is vital for starting up the metabolism for the day. Many people skip this important meal which is why they find it difficult to achieve results. There should be no excuses for skipping this meal, so wake up earlier if you have to if time is your main issue. A good breakfast should contain a fairly large amount of protein and almost no carbohydrates. Eggs and English muffins are great for starting the day off right. This should also be your largest meal out of the recommended five meals a day.

EggWhite and Oatmeal Protein Pancake

2)  Drink Plenty of Water

If you are drinking beverages such as soda, coffee, alcohol, sweet tea, or artificial juice then that can be your problem right there. Water is the only substance a person should consume, especially if their goal is to build muscle or cut fat. Have a large glass of water with a meal as well to keep the stomach full which prevents over-eating. Water will also increase the metabolism and keep the body healthy overall.

drink water

3)  Improve the Quality and Length of Sleep

Sleep is vital for the recovery and rebuilding of our muscles. If you do not get enough sleep or sleep poorly then it is likely that your body will be too fatigued for any sort of physical activity at all. The body’s metabolic rate will also decline, making it much harder to burn fat. Get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night to function properly and lose weight.


4)  Cut Back on Sugary Foods

Sugar is a huge perpetrator of weight gain. There are many foods that advertise as sugar free, but include large amounts of artificial sugars which are just as bad for the body. Reduce the amount of sweet fruits you have as well. If you consume healthy, organic fruits, vegetables, and lean meats daily then you should have no problem cutting that fat.

healthy meal

5)  Intensify Your Workout Routine

Performing the exact same strength training routine at the same level of intensity will do you no good. If you want results, then you’ll need to change up your routine often as well as increase the intensity of the workout. Your weight training workout should be a hour.  Cardio workouts should also not be longer than an hour at a time.  If you are not getting sore from your workouts, then you are simply not working out as hard as you should be. Increase your intensity to a point where you fail during your last set which is the level you want to be at. Once you are able to finish the entire set then increase the intensity once again.

couple running

You’ll see results again by following the five helpful tips above. Work these changes into your lifestyle and repeat daily.  Try not to worry about getting immediate results. Keep your mind on achieving your goals for the present day.

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