Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas to Complement Acupuncture Treatments

Chinese herbal medicine has been around for 2,000 years, and the variety of herbs available on the market is quite extensive. But when given as a treatment, they’re usually intended to complement acupuncture treatment and help reinforce the balance of Qi we work toward establishing in your body. If you’ve never heard of Qi (pronounced “Chee”), it’s the energy flow in the body that helps prevent pain and illness.

While personal experience is the best way to show you how acupuncture successfully works, what herbs can you take that help restore your health? Some you may have heard of, and others perhaps not.

Chinese Herbal Medicines

american ginsengAmerican Ginseng Root

This may be the best known Chinese herb out there, and the proper Chinese name is Xi Yang Shen. Used in conjunction with acupuncture, it’s been long known for helping numerous conditions, including blood pressure and strengthening the heart. It works well on the central nervous system and in muscles in particular. In that regard, athletes who come in for acupuncture treatment can find a lot of good in taking American Ginseng Root.

Keep in mind we’ll analyze your health carefully before taking this because it does have side effects if you have certain health conditions.

xixinWild Ginger Plant

Otherwise known as Xi Xin in Chinese medicine, there’s been some controversy with wild ginger plant, though it’s known for being a powerful remedy for pain. That’s important when most people coming in for acupuncture have been dealing with pain for far too long. While some say that it’s safe to take wild ginger plant in larger doses, others say it’s better in lower doses to avoid risks of toxicity. It can strengthen the heart and muscles to help alleviate pain in just about any part of the body.

watermelon rindWatermelon Rind

In Chinese medicine, this is called Xi Gua Pi. Since it comes from a fruit that we all eat every summer, you might be surprised to learn that watermelon rinds have medicinal properties. It’s known for helping many things from diabetes to erectile dysfunction. The magic of watermelon rind comes in something called citrulline that’s seen in the drug Viagra. Yes, now you know that Viagra comes partially from nature, despite seeming like an artificial pharmaceutical.

Using watermelon rind in conjunction with acupuncture can help those we treat for erectile dysfunction and impotence. It’s just some of the conditions that acupuncture can successfully treat.

chinese plumChinese Plum

You probably didn’t know that Chinese plum was also an herb that can be used to help solve a number of health problems. Known in Chinese medicine as Wu Mei, this can help boost your immune system, even though it also focuses on helping stomach issues. That means it can help constipation and general indigestion. We have many who visit us who deal with these issues, and acupuncture helps the condition in association with other treatment.

Contact us here at Los Angeles Acupuncture and Wellness so we can help get you started on Chinese herbal medicine and explore the many other varieties not mentioned here. With each one designed to help a particular condition, you have a lot to choose from and to use as an overall acupuncture treatment program in addition to a healthy lifestyle.

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