Healthy Winter with Acupuncture

Winter and Chinese Medicine

The Attributes of Winter

Element – Water
Organs – Bladder, Adrenal Glands, and Kidneys
Color – Light Blue
Spirit – Ying

Water is the element that best describes the winter season. The adrenal, glands, bladder, and mostly the kidneys correlate with winter as well. Those who specialize in oriental medicine believe that the kidneys are responsible for all of the Qi (life energy) in your body. This life energy is used to keep the body at its maximum potential while also preventing illnesses or diseases from occurring.

Our life energy is said to correlate with the season of the year. When in winter, our bodies will work in a way that best rests the body, conserves energy, and reflects on the past in order to be mentally ready for the upcoming new year ahead.

Healthy Winter Lifestyle Changes

It is especially important to pay special attention to our Kidney Qi during this time as well. We can make sure it is in optimal condition by making a few changes to our current lifestyle. Below are a few suggestions on how to best nourish the Kidney Qi as well as to keep the body healthy in general.

Kelly Ripa acupunctureChange #1: Get a Seasonal Acupuncture Treatment

Oriental medicine and acupuncture are not only for treating many conditions, but is also effective at prevention.  It can prevent the flu and colds from developing, which is especially important during the wintertime. To accomplish this certain acupuncture points on the body are targeted (specifically the point Du 14 which will be discussed below). The points are used to manipulate our life energy to improve our blood circulation and increase the defenses of our outer layers, such as the muscle and skins.

Change #2: Eat Right

Our body needs the right food in order to function properly. Be sure to avoid refined and manufactured foods (high unrefined wheat and sugar, increasing inflammation and lowering immunity) and eat more foods like roasted nuts, soup, and whole grains this season.

sleepChange #3: Get Better Sleep

During sleep, our body is able to rebuild tissues broken down from daytime activities and rejuvenate the body’s energy.  The ancient Chinese advised that people should get to bed earlier and rise later in the winter day when the temperature is higher than at night.

Change #4: Reduce Stress

Stress, built-up anger, and frustrations can cause many problems for your body, mainly weakening the immune system which can make you much more susceptible to catching the cold or developing diseases. Make sure to find a way to reduce your stress using methods such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, relaxation videos, or physical activity.

Acupuncture Point – Du 14

This point is responsible for managing the Wei Qi of the body. Wei Qi is the life energy responsible for strengthening the body’s defense mechanisms to prevent illnesses such as the cold or flu from occurring. If you find that you catch colds quite easily, then this may mean your Wei Qi is disrupted.

This point is located right below the seventh cervical vertebrae and can be stimulated with the tip of your index finger. When activated, your blood circulation will greatly improve and the skin will as well.

Seasonal acupuncture tune-ups are great for managing illness and preventing them from ever occurring. In order to set up an appointment, give me a call today so we can get started.

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