Lose Weight and Improve Your Health with Acupuncture

Acupuncture for weight loss?

weight loss acupuncture Los AngelesAccording to traditional Chinese medicine, the main reason why we gain weight is because of an energy imbalance disrupting the flow of Qi in the liver and spleen. These two organs manage your weight by making sure your digestive system and energy flow is running smoothly. The liver is responsible for keeping up with the flow of blood and life energy that flows throughout your entire body while the spleen is directly involved with the body’s ability to extract life energy from the food we eat.

When these two systems have disrupted Qi, it can lead to problems such as compulsive eating, increased appetite, slow metabolism, loose stool, food cravings, and higher water retention. Acupuncture is an ancient method that has worked for various problems since many generations ago. This technique involves activating specific points on your body with an extremely thin needle to improve the flow of Qi. Each point is used to address a specific problem which means that different points will be targeted as new symptoms arise. This will help negate the problems above and improve several weight loss factors like increased metabolism, less frequent appetite, reduced cravings, prevents over-eating, increased energy levels, and it help the body absorb the nutrients it needs in order to function and lose weight properly.

How to Lose Weight

Acupuncture is just one treatment of many involved in the weight loss process. Treatments are determined by the patient’s individual constitution, so every patient will receive a customized plan. Typically, a full weight loss program will consist of body acupuncture, ear acupuncture, ear seeds, herbs, supplements, physical activity, and lifestyle changes.

For weight loss, specific foods and herbs will be selected to improve digestion, increase natural energy, reduce toxins, and relieving the mind of any negative emotions. Combined with acupuncture, you can be assured that your body is performing at the best rate possible to shed weight. Exercise and meditation are used for the psychological challenges that come with weight loss. This will improve your ability to resist bad foods and cravings. Acupuncture and oriental medicine treatments greatly improve the results of your weight loss routine.

As you know, physical activity is needed to reduce the size of your waist. Walking alone will not be enough, but it is an important part of your routine due to the pressure it puts on the acupuncture point Yongquan. When this point is stimulated, it can clear your mind and improve focus on the task at hand. It is best stimulated by walking, rolling a tennis ball across this point, and by massaging it with your fist.


quit smokingNumbers show that acupuncture is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to break tough addictions. In fact, this technique is responsible for converting many people from full-time smokers to non-smokers. Acupuncture helps treat addiction by managing the symptoms of withdrawal by reducing symptoms such as cravings, restlessness, jitters, and irritability. This technique will also detoxify the body and induce relaxation.

Health specialists have stated that acupuncture does not only apply to smoking addictions, but can help with other substances such as cocaine. This conclusion resulted from a study conducted at Yale University who used ear acupuncture to attempt to treat addiction to cocaine. The study consisted of two control groups and one for acupuncture. At the end of the program, results found that over fifty percent of those in the acupuncture group were free of cocaine. The two control groups had percentages of twenty-three and nine. Furthermore, those who received acupuncture during this study stayed off cocaine indefinitely or longer than the two control groups.

Acupuncture is not the only factor in breaking an addiction. There are several tips to keep in mind as well. Dietary changes are a must if you want an easier time during the withdrawal period. Avoid all processed foods and beverages high in caffeine like coffee as these will antagonize the symptoms caused by withdrawal. Consume plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, juice, green tea, lobelia tea, and water to keep your body in good shape while overcoming your addiction. Exercise will surely help as well as it will reduce the stress and restlessness you will feel. Be sure to practice breathing exercises and meditation techniques in order to completely relax the mind and body.

Oriental Techniques for Increasing Willpower

zhiBoth weight loss and addiction recovery require enormous amounts of will power. It is the factor that determines whether or not we will succeed at whatever goal you want to achieve. In ancient Chinese medical texts will power if referred to as Zhi, which is controlled by the flow of energy in the kidneys. Zhi also correlates with the health of your defensive energy (Wei Qi) which acupuncture will improve as well.

Acupuncture and oriental medicines will help manage any physical or psychological problem you may have. They can help you control your weight by reducing appetite and improving digestion. It can also help manage addiction by decreasing the severity of the symptoms that result from withdrawal. Revitalizing your Qi will also improve various aspects of your life such as a stronger immune system, relaxes the mind, and promotes good health in general.

If you want to use these techniques for weight loss, addiction management, or to improve your life then give Laurie a call today to set up a consultation. She’ll come up with a plan to help you address your specific problems so that you can start living the healthy life you want to live.

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