Acupuncture for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Acupuncture treatments are effective for multiple sclerosis symptoms. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that is associated with a large number of symptoms such as depression, deteriorated eyesight, numbness, problems speaking, and pain due to inflammation in the brain. Researchers have recently reported new information on the affect acupuncture has for those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis by improving the symptoms and health in general. It has been proven to increase the quality of one’s vision, reduce pain, and treat depression.

In a study, a group of people were divided into two groups where one received acupuncture while the other received a mock acupuncture treatment. The real acupuncture group not only had improved vision and reduced pain, but lived their lives at a much better pace than the mock acupuncture group. Those who received mock acupuncture showed no signs of improvement in the least. The acupuncture group also had a much better appetite and quality of sleep than the other group.

Each person in the study was also receiving drugs such as glatiramer acetate and interferon-beta. Patients had no group as each person was chosen randomly.

Multiple Sclerosis patient

“While we know nothing can cure MS yet, some of the results of acupuncture on the symptoms of MS in recent years have been quite amazing.”

Acupuncture for Multiple Sclerosis: How Effective is Acupuncture on the Scalp?

Acupuncture for Multiple Sclerosis has been a subject that hasn’t been covered enough in the mainstream media about how effective the treatment really is. While we know nothing can cure MS yet, some of the results of acupuncture on the symptoms of MS in recent years have been quite amazing. Most of that comes in acupuncture to the scalp where many of the crippling symptoms of MS have been relieved considerably by the insertion of just a few needles.

Dealing with the Pain of MS

One of the most uncomfortable signs of MS is getting stabbing pains throughout the body, followed by burning sensations in the muscles. It can completely debilitate those suffering from the disease to a point where they simply have to lie in bed all day due to not being able to move. Evidence shows that just one treatment of scalp acupuncture has helped some people eliminate this pain almost instantly following treatment. It was so dramatic to a point where they were able to walk fairly normally, and also relieved headaches.

Dealing with Paralysis

The worst symptom of all in MS is the paralysis and unfortunately placing patients in wheelchairs as a result. Evidence has shown that with just four acupuncture needles in the scalp, some people have experienced a reverse of the paralysis for a short time. Even though it didn’t eliminate the paralysis completely, the ability to bring back some feeling in the legs and feet is already a near miracle. Nothing else would have been able to create a similar result and proves the scalp as a useful pathway toward these successes.

Treating Dizziness

Vertigo is another aggravating symptom of MS that can also precipitate a patient ending up bedridden most of the time, or in a wheelchair. Scalp acupuncture, however, has also helped symptoms of dizziness in many patients. In some cases, it related to headaches and using needles around the temples where stopping the headache ultimately led to a cure for the dizziness.

These chain reactions are sometimes typical in acupuncture where one thing helps something else. Regardless, you should always talk to a doctor first before starting any scalp acupuncture for MS symptoms. This isn’t to say that you won’t find some doctors resistant to acupuncture on MS patients. While there’s still a divide by some, we invite you to come try it for yourself to see the actual proof.

Contact us here at Los Angeles Acupuncture and Wellness so we can discuss with you the acupuncture methods we’ll use to help relieve MS symptoms. With clear evidence out there that it’s helped people, don’t let anyone convince you that acupuncture can’t help alleviate many symptoms to help make your life better.

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