Autumn and Traditional Chinese Medicine – In Harmony with the Season

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  • Autumn’s Harvest
  • Turning Inward for Preparation
  • Eating with the Season
  • Wind, Cold & the Body
  • Protect Your Lung Qi

Autumn’s Harvest

autumn foliageAutumn is the time of year when the leaves change color, fireplaces are used once more, and the weather turns crisp.  During this season we harvest what we have grown and prepare it for the cold times ahead.

Practitioners of oriental medicine have always believed the cycles of the seasons correlate with the energy of the human body. Each season calls for a different way of living in which oriental physicians have researched and found what tasks we should perform for each season. The best way to attune with Autumn is to know the attributes of the season.

Emotion – Grief
Color – White
Element – Metal
Nature – Yin
Flavor – Spicy
Organs – Large Intestine and Lungs

Turning Inward for Preparation in Autumn

Since the Fall season is characterized by the element metal, this means that we should be reflective of our families, homes, or work during this time of year. It is also an important time to clear the mind of any negativity or grief the mind may contain.

Wind, Cold & the Body

women running in autumnFall also is associated with the large intestine and lungs. These two organs are responsible for the elimination of wastes and for providing oxygen to all parts of the body. When these organs have an imbalance of Qi, or life energy, specific symptoms can occur such as the body being more susceptible to colds, skin problems, constipations, shortness of breath, asthma, and sinus infections.
During this time of year you need to make sure to dress properly in order to keep the body protected from cold weather and wind. The combination of these two can cause the body to dry our fast which can lead to symptoms like dry lips, dry nose, dry skin, dry scalp, cracked lips, dry stools, sore throat, and excessive coughing. Acupuncture and oriental medicine can help soothe these symptoms as well as prevent them from occurring.

Protect Your Lung Qi

Lung QiThe Lung acupuncture point, LU 7, is one to watch out for this season as well. Stimulating this point can immediately stop conditions like a sore throat or cough while treating conditions such as headaches, stiff neck, toothaches, migraines, and facial paralysis. This point is said to be a central point that oversees blood circulation which can improve mental functioning. The location of this point is right above the wrist towards the inner part of the arm. It is best to stimulate this point for at least thirty seconds with the tip of your finger.

If you wish to prevent any illness or boost your health in general this Autumn season, be sure to give us a call or schedule an appointment.

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