Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan’s Acupuncture Procedures on TV

When it comes to celebrities and acupuncture, you’ll find a virtual who’s-who of notables who’ve been helped immensely. This is not often reported widely, and it is rare to see it demonstrated on television. Once in a while, acupuncture will get an up-close segment on a TV show about what’s involved and even a real-time demonstration.

What Acupuncture Techniques Were Demonstrated on TV?

Such was the case back in January 2015 when Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan had a lengthy demonstration of acupuncture on “Live! With Kelly and Michael.” This segment demonstrated a couple of notable acupuncture techniques with Dr. Daniel Hsu, a well known acupuncturist. Those watching also learned some interesting factoids about acupuncture and how many people including celebrities have benefited from it.

Kelly Ripa Gets Acupuncture on TV

Kelly Ripa acupuncture on TVKelly Ripa had one of the simplest techniques demonstrated by placing needles in specific points on her face to relieve congestion. While she claimed she really wanted an acupuncture face lift (obviously in jest), she said she definitely felt better after the procedure was over.

In the interim, she revealed that her husband, Mark Consuelos, was also a strong supporter of acupuncture. While we didn’t learn the details of what he’s been treated for, it was obvious that Kelly Ripa was definitely gaining some sensations from the needles.

Acupuncture needles are placed in specific locations on the body. These points are called acupoints. When the flow of vital energy, also known as Qi, gets blocked, the needles restore the normal flow of Qi. By restoring this flow throughout the body, imbalances that cause countless conditions can be corrected.

There are many modalities besides acupuncture used in traditional Chinese medicine, and the treatment given to Michael Strahan is one proven in helping many with back pain.

Cupping Done on Michael Strahan

michael strahan cupping acupuncture on TVA most interesting procedure done on this show was Michael Strahan having a cupping procedure on his back. He suffers from back pain due to his football career, but the cupping gave him some relief from the pain live on the air.

This live TV demonstration showed exactly how cupping is done on patients. Suction from the cups increases blood flow locally and helps to reduce pain.

These rare acupuncture on TV demonstrations show the public how acupuncture works and helps to familiarize the public with a natural healing modality that is gaining recognition and respect in America every year.

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