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Natural Weight Loss with Los Angeles Acupuncture and Wellness

Oriental medicine views weight loss in a completely different way than does western medicine, and in fact it considers the root of overweight/obesity to be a symptom of imbalance within a persons body resulting from their spleen and liver not working correctly. The use of foods and herbs in conjunction with selected acupuncture points will assist weight loss. The Qi of the liver and the spleen can be directly influenced in way that will set the issues straight that have been causing the weight gain.

One of the main capabilities of the spleen organ system is to digestion, and to ensure that any of the food we eat is turned into energy, or what we call Qi. Whenever the spleen gets out of balance, or suffers from any form of disharmony, the body will let you know with indicators like bloating, low energy, sluggish metabolic rate, a sense of heaviness, as well as stool that is less than solid.

Organ Function and Weight Loss

Emotions and blood are controlled by the liver, and when it is not working right, nothing runs smooth. The stress and pace of the typical person’s life today can really do a number on how efficiently our liver functions, which in turn has a direct effect on how efficiently the spleen and digestive tract work. Some common side effects of a liver which isn’t working correctly include a slower metabolism, depression, rage and tendencies towards overeating.

Optimal Health

When my Acupuncture weight loss program is implemented all of the problems associated with weight gain including overeating and a slow metabolism, are addressed in a way that will provide an increase of energy and the ability to control your appetite. The process of using acupuncture points will help to harmonize the energy in your body and correct any digestive problems that might be going on. The results are going to be that your cravings for food will naturally lessen, and you will feel more energetic.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine work together to address the mental and physical aspects that have to do with weight loss. The treatments are designed for controlling hunger, emotional eating, enhancing digestive function, and minimizing the urges for bad foods while boosting the metabolic process.

Personalized Treatment

Each individual is different, so each session is tailored for the patient. A number of different acupuncture techniques are used including ear seeds, stomach massage, acupuncture, controlled breathing, all the while eating the proper foods and making healthy lifestyle changes.

Nutritional planning and optional herbal formulas are going to focus in on providing energy for the body, improving the digestive tract, cleaning the impurities from the system, and eliminate bloating. Another method that helps improve digestion and nutrient assimilation is the use of acupuncture points on the stomach.

Other techniques which will be used include visualization and calmative breathing which provide individuals with the willpower to control their cravings and stop overeating. Just using acupuncture by itself can reduce appetite. We enhance that effect with Chinese herbal formulas and fat burning foods and of course, exercise to further facilitate fat loss and energy improvement

For people that are looking for ways to lose weight in a healthful way, Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help. These treatments can be used on their own, or as a part of a larger overall weight loss plan.

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